What is Opera Max?

Opera Max is an Android data-management and data-savings app that compresses videos and photos on almost any app.

Despite hiding some of the features, the navigation drawer is useful for giving depth to the app. It let us create a feature rich experience while keeping the main view simple and easy to understand. 



Launching Opera Max shows an overview of the user's data usage along a timeline. Gestures make it easy to play with an app and explore it. Opera Max has both - horizontal and vertical swiping.


Outside the app

Opera Max makes use of persistent and temporary notifications to engage users outside of the app.


Wi-Fi data usage

The Wi-fi section uses the same patterns as Mobile, while using different colors and icons to avoid change blindness.


App Blocking

Blocking provides an extensive control over apps with a simple two-column layout to communicate the on-off state.


The cloud

One of the biggest challenges for the user experience was the strict reliance on the connection to the cloud for most of Opera Max's features to work.