Opera Dragonfly is a fully-featured suite of developer tools that came bundled with the Opera browser. It supports debugging JavaScript, viewing the DOM, monitoring network traffic, previewing resources, editing colors, etc.



Provides an in-depth look at what a web page is made of. Here develeopers can inspect each and every element, it's style and what makes it tick. This section is like View Source on steroids.


Color Picker

One of the first to arrive among the web debugging tools, our color picker gave a quick and easy way to work with the colors.



The JavaScript Debugger enables the state of the webpage or application to be inspected by setting break points to control the flow of the program as the code is stepped through.



The Network Inspector is Opera Dragonfly’s HTTP dashboard. It provides an overview of all HTTP requests – for resources such as images, scripts, and stylesheets – initiated by the primary webpage (primary HTTP request).



The Resources Inspector gives an overview of all URI requests (such as images, scripts, stylesheets and XHR requests) initiated by a document.



The context menu provides a various powerful tools and context dependent options for customization.



The Console is a useful tool for evaluating JavaScript statements, inspecting and logging objects and properties, and even adding functionality to a page for quick debugging.



The Error Log is the place to track down syntax and parser errors that may cause an application or webpage to behave unexpectedly.



Search is the developer's best friend and it wasn't missed with Dragonfly.



All settings for the application can be accessed from the settings overlay.